Our Pricelist

FREE Collection and Delivery for all orders over £35.00 within a 5 mile radius. Don't worry if your items not listed here, Contact Us and we will take care of it.

MINIMUM ORDER £20.00. Laundry Pick up and Drop off available - usually within 48hrs (£2.50)

Wash, dry and fold
1 6kg load (size of normal household washing m/c)
Ironing Service
Small items - (Underwear, handkerchiefs, baby clothes up to 3 years,tea towels)
£1 per item
Medium Items - (Vests, t-shirts,Shorts,cushion covers,kids Clothes up to 10 years)
£1.50 per item
Large items - (Adult Shirts,Jumpers,blouses,long sleeve tops,short dresses,bath towels, Skirts & Trousers)
£2.50 per item
Extra Large Items (Bed linen,Sheets ,Duvet Covers, Table cloths,Curtains)
£3.50-5.00 per item
Single sheets/duvet covers
£3.50 per item
Double sheets/duvet covers
£4.00 per item
King size sheets/duvet covers
£4.50 per item
Super king size sheets/duvet covers
£5.00 per item